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Sat, 29 June



Kokedama Therapy© A Gestalt Art Therapy approach - Face to Face Workshop

The world in a plant... EcoGestalttherapy©

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Kokedama Therapy© A Gestalt Art Therapy approach - Face to Face Workshop
Kokedama Therapy© A Gestalt Art Therapy approach - Face to Face Workshop

Time & Location

29 June 2024, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm AEST

Ashgrove, 2 Findlay St, Ashgrove QLD 4060, Australia

About the event

An event for professionals and non-professionals.

For Australian Professionals

Registrants can obtain their CPD /OPD hours (Non-endorsed activities)

AASW CPD hours

ACA OPD hours



For professionals: Experiential event with learning that can be transferred to Counselling and Psychotherapy sessions to improve client outcomes.

For non-professionals participation in this event will support them in their well-being, Self-esteem, and focus on Goals.


The world in a plant

Kokedama is a traditional Japanese form of botanical art where plants are wrapped in a ball of soil, covered with moss, and bound with string. 

The word "Kokedama" can be broken down into "koke" (moss) and "dama" (ball), literally translating to "moss ball." This art form goes beyond mere aesthetics and carries philosophical, emotional, and therapeutic significance.

In this workshop from the Gestalt approach and from the beautiful metaphor of the Kokedama technique you will experiment:

  • Connection to Nature: Kokedama emphasizes a close connection with nature. By working with living plants and moss, practitioners are reminded of the beauty and life force present in the natural world. This connection can bring a sense of tranquility and grounding.
  • Mindfulness and Meditation: Creating Kokedama requires focused attention and mindfulness. The process of crafting the moss ball and planting the vegetation can be meditative, helping individuals to be present at the moment and relieve stress.
  • Nurturing and Responsibility: Taking care of living plants encourages a sense of responsibility and nurturing. Watching the plants grow and thrive can give a sense of accomplishment and purpose.
  • Emotional Expression: Kokedama work will be a form of self-expression, allowing participants to create unique and personalized pieces of art that reflect their emotions, personality, and artistic taste.

Engaging in Kokedama as a practice you can experiment with therapeutic benefits. Studies have shown that spending time with plants and engaging in gardening activities can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, promoting overall mental well-being.

Environmental Awareness: Kokedama art often utilizes sustainable materials and encourages recycling and repurposing. This can foster a deeper appreciation for environmental issues and sustainable practices.

Symbolism: Kokedama can hold symbolic meaning for individuals. The act of enveloping a plant's roots in a moss ball may be seen as a representation of protection, growth, and the cyclical nature of life.

Beauty in Imperfection: Kokedama embraces the concept of wabi-sabi, an essential aspect of Japanese aesthetics, which finds beauty in imperfection and transience. Each Kokedama is unique and imperfect in its way, and this appreciation for imperfection can extend to life's ups and downs.

Mind-Body Connection: Engaging in Kokedama art can help strengthen the mind-body connection. It involves using hands to create something tangible, promoting a sense of accomplishment and physical engagement.

Social Bonding: Kokedama practiced in groups, encouraging social interactions and fostering a sense of community among enthusiasts. Sharing the experience with others can lead to the exchange of knowledge and inspiration.

This will be a "hands-on" workshop, where the "process" will be the most interesting. The "how" will be more important than the "what" or "why".

The final result is not the objective, although you will be surprised at what you can create and, above all, integrate into your "here and now"

*Please wear closed shoes and if suffering from asthma, bring a mask.

Materials included in the workshop cost

Workshop information:


Day: June 15th, 2024

Time: 10 am to 12 pm (Brisbane- Australian time)

Where: Gestalt Art Therapy Centre.

2 Findlay St. Ashgrove. Brisbane. Qld.


Members of the Gestalt Art Therapy Center 

Participation: $130Aud 

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General participants

Participation: $150Aud

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We are not registered for GST

Workshop only for adults

Please note:

Covid Requirements

In line with the Australian Government Health Department's guidelines, we aim to provide a safe environment for all patients and psychotherapists/counsellors. Please adhere to the following requirements:

-Temperature Checks: Before each face-to-face session or workshop, participants' temperatures will be measured. If you have a fever (37°C or higher), a cough, sore throat, or shortness of breath, you will not be admitted. You will need to reschedule your session or workshop.

-Symptoms and Testing: If you test positive for COVID-19, are close contact with someone who has tested positive, or exhibit flu-like symptoms, you will not be admitted. Please reschedule your session or workshop participation.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in ensuring the safety of all attendees.

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