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Art, my passion!
My Dream: Combining Art + Gestalt Therapy

About Gemma Garcia Artist



- Curator and Art Group exhibition coordinator

- Sculptor

- Director of the APE Art, Exhibitions, and Performances in Brisbane

- Gestalt Art Therapist CAT©

In 1986 she entered as a student of a Private Art Academy where she studied classical art. She studied at that Academy of Art for over five years and then she began studying at the Association of Art in Castellón - Spain.

Here, she met the master sculptor Augustin Ahis who specialized in wood and clay.

In 2003 Gemma began her Master Diploma at the Institute of Gestalt Therapy - Valencia- Spain with Manuel Ramos's teacher and became a trained Gestalt therapist.
She then conducted research about the use of art and therapy with the local department of fire and rescue. She worked for the Spanish government in the Emergency field for 15 years. Her second Master degree is in Ericksonian Hypnosis from the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Valencia - Spain, in 2006.

Gemma is Aura-Soma Level 2, she studied with Linda Graham's teacher in Australia 2010. As a visual artist, she uses art as part of her process of personal growth, exploring new forms of expression and therapy. She moved to Australia and founded with Yaro Starak the Gestalt Art Therapy Centre.

Gemma is curating annual Art Group Exhibitions in Australia.

2016 "Eleven Faces of Frida Kahlo"

2017 "Picasso Today"

2018 " You are not alone Van Gogh"

2021 " The Ambitious Dali" 

Contact email:

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