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This book is for individuals who want to develop experiential skills and process model in working with groups. Here you will find numerous group facilitation examples, art therapy exercises, ideas and experiments that will provide you, the reader, with many creative tools.

Based on the author’s extensive group facilitation teaching at Universities in Canada, Europe and Australia, as well as offering experiential group facilitation workshops all over the world, this book is an excellent and rich resource to those wishing build an develop their group process skills.

I dedicate this book to many students, colleagues, managers, lecturers, supervisors and teachers who have participated in my workshops.
This is also a dedication to my two sons who will be able to understand my life’s work.

Yaro Starak, Brisbane, Australia, 2012/2019

Director of The Gestalt Art Therapy Centre- Australia





The Princess and the Dragon may seem at first sight a book about a story. When the reader opens the pages he can dive into various exercises which implement solutions to his or her relationship, like the one between the Princess and Prince, not to mention the Dragon. With innovative exercises using the Gestalt Art Therapy approach, the book "Princess and the Dragon", becomes a book that should be present in the libraries of practitioners of psychology and therapy, interested in discovering new techniques and continue to offer its clients creative solutions they bring to their meetings. The book is written in such a way that even people who do not have anything to do with the profession of counselling or psychotherapy, may read it and benefit from interesting experiments to practice with their partner. The Princess and the Dragon talks about female and male energies that exist in a relationship, independent of sexual orientation.




by Gemma Garcia

This is a book to be used when you are feel stressed, bored, or not inspired.

This book is not an Art Therapy book.

I am a Gestalt Art Therapist and Co-Director of The Gestalt Art Therapy Centre (Australia) and I would like to explain to you that colouring books could be helpful when you feel upset or sad, but if you need more emotional support and therapy, I suggest you participate in some Gestalt Art Therapy sessions, not just colouring.