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International Art Therapy Conference December 22nd to 27th, 2019

Ubud - Bali


Here you will read about the International GUESTS

in the Art Therapy Conference 2019

Guest at the International Conference

The Use of Clay in Psychotherapy

Introduce 3 hands-on skills of using clay in facilitating art therapy group and individual counselling.

Learning Objectives:

To understand and learn hands-on techniques of using clay in group therapy and individual counseling including expression of feeling, empowerment and transformation.


Experiential, sharing, live demonstration and case sharing

Ngok Tung Antonio Wong

Hong Kong

Professional Qualification


Antonio is a certified counsellor (CCoun) in Hong Kong, a registered art and expressive arts therapist (AThR & REAT). He is also a ceramic artist and an instructor for ceramic art class.

Antonio employs a client centered approach in his art therapy work for group as well as individual cases. This allows his clients to meet their own therapeutic goals and resolve issues at their own pace. Antonio also blends in therapeutic effects in his ceramic teaching so his students can achieve self-healing through the art creation process.

He works with a diverse range of clients including adolescents and adults with depression & anxiety disorders, SEN students, LGB, mentally impaired clients and their carers, drug abused families and sex workers with emotional issues.
Antonio facilitated a number workshops and talks for counselling students and professionals like psychologists, social workers, nurses and other helping professionals in using art in psychotherapy and/or their work area. 

  • Certified Counselor (CCoun) The Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association (HKPCA)

  • Registered Expressive Arts Therapist (REAT®)

  • International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (IEATA)

  • Registered Arts Therapist (AThR)

  • Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapy Association (ANZACATA)

See here the complete CV

Jun Lee Jun Shan


Jun Lee is a qualified Art Therapist with social work background (RSW). Through her many years of work in various settings, she has accumulated a wealth of experience from helping people from all walks of life, from the very young to the elderly. She first worked as a social worker in a Family Service Centre (FSC) and was involved in counselling, school social work and facilitating group work. After completing her Master's in art therapy in 2010, she has worked with different family service centres, schools, associations and hospitals.
Currently, Jun is self employed as an art therapist, an artist and an art facilitator.

She has continued to use art to help her clients, patients and participants to enhance their mental health and overall well-being. In February 2018, Jun facilitated an art therapy workshop at an 'unconference' (organised by Singapore International Foundation (SIF) in Kuala Lumpur. In July 2019, she participated in the Art Therapy conference in London and was a facilitator for the workshop on marbling art in oncology setting. She has also facilitated Introduction to Art Therapy workshops as a Trainer at ACC Institute of Human Services in Singapore.

Guest at the International Conference

Environment/ Nature-inspired expression

The purpose for this workshop aims to get participants to be re-connected with nature or environment and with each other through the art-making process.

Learning Objectives:

1) Re-connect with senses of seeing, hearing, touch and feeling.
As professionals and workers, we can get so busy with work and life that living falls into a monotonous routine of fulfilling tasks without passion. By allowing participants with a 'time-out' in outdoor (nature/surroundings outside buildings) is metaphorically associated with a meditative time for themselves to see beyond and experience things that they are usually caught up in.
2) Inspired resourcefulness and overcoming limitations creatively
In life, we often experience limitations and boundaries brought about by our settings or own circumstances. This workshop can inspire participants to see from alternative perspectives and find creative ways to overcome the limitations or challenges faced during the art-making process. They will also get to learn to utilise resources in their surroundings creatively to make art.
3) Re-connecting with self and others, with enhanced appreciation for their surroundings
Participants get to be re-connected with self while in meditative and reflective mode. They will also get to experience being connected or re-connected with others through team art making. Inspirations can occur from exchanges of ideas, sharing of views and in working together.


Part One:
Outdoor Individual art

Part two:
Indoor Group art

Part three:
Sharing and discussion

Guest at the International Conference

Inner-Guidance Transformational Process 

Self illumination, transformation, Self Inquiry 

Learning Objectives:

To explore deeper wisdom within through a guided process of self inquiry


Making a field of trust to start then moving into lying down. Inner Guidance process. Sharing circle for integration. 

Joy Maziar

Ubud- Bali

Joy Maziar is the founder of Holistic Intuitive Bodywork and has had a successful private practice, transforming the lives of individuals and groups for over 12 years. She travels internationally offering her vast experience and expertise as a bodyworker, health consultant, yoga practitioner and now InnerGuidance facilitator. 
Known for her impeccability, passion for service and innate ability to activate lasting results, Joy, as a life long learner and contributor, is offering IGI  workshops in Bali.

  • Nevada School of massage therapy. Las Vegas. 2006

  • Satchidananda Ashram // Yogaville Virginia, 2013 

  • Integral Yoga teacher training // 200 - hour Yoga certification. Virginia, 2013

  • Certification of Cupping Therapy, Seattle WA, 2014

  • Certification of Myofascial Approach to neck and shoulder pain. St. John VI 2012

  • Ayurveda Healing Workshop,St. John VI, 2013

  • Young Living Essential oils Yoga Teacher Training St. Thomas VI 2013

  • Certification of Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy, St. Thomas VI, 2012

  • Certification of Nuad Bo- Rarm Thai Massage, Level 1&2, Phuket Thailand, 2011

  • Member of AMTA

  • Yoga Teacher Training Ubud Bali One Song Yoga 

  • Level 1 Level 2 Inner Guidance Method Amara Samata  

  • Anandi Joy Massage Therapy Sammamish WA, 2014-2016

  • Radiantly Alive Yoga Studio 2017-2019


Guest at the International Conference

The "Here and Now" in the Future

We will know how our future will be if we put attention to our "Here and now"

Learning Objectives:

The power of the now, investigating the Past and the Future.

Using Gestalt Art Therapy techniques to re-create, understand and transform patterns.


Art creations, investigation of masterpiece in base of Color therapy, Jung, Drama therapy, Fritz and Laura Perls approach, identification of projections, and transformation of the genuine self.

Art skills or Therapy/ Psychology/ Counselling are not necessary

Yaro Starak - Australia

Gemma Garcia- Spain

Yaro Starak

B.A., M.S.W, Adv.Dip.SW, Dip.GT.Gestalt Psychotherapist.Gestalt Art Therapist CAT®Men leadership trainingAuthor of books on Gestalt Psychotherapy & Group facilitationCo-Director Gestalt Art Therapy Centre-Australia 


Yaro finished his undergraduate studies majoring in psychology at the University of Manitoba and later his postgraduate studies at the University of British Columbia, Canada. He continued further studies at the University of Toronto specialising in adult education, group dynamics and supervision. After training and graduating as a Gestalt Therapy from the Toronto Gestalt Institute, he became a faculty member of the Institute for four years. He later immigrated to Australia in 1978 to lecture at the University of Queensland.
Over the past twenty five years Yaro has been teaching and training various professional groups and Gestalt groups in Brisbane, Tasmania, Sydney and overseas in Sweden, Denmark, Mexico, Germany, Estonia, Italy and Spain. Yaro has published and co-edited four books in Gestalt Therapy and Group Process, three training manuals and numerous articles in several international journals on group work, Gestalt Therapy, Family Therapy, Alternative Living, Men’s Issues and Deep Psychology. He is an accredited Values & Leadership Coach and founding member of GANZ – Gestalt Australia & New Zealand – the accrediting body of Gestalt therapy training Institutes. He is also a regular presenter at National and International Conferences.

Now his passion is Art and he is having annual Art exhibitions, also he enjoys writing monthly news at his blog "Reflections Yaro"

Gemma Garcia

Dip GT. Dip Ericksonian Hypnosis. Aura Soma Therapist L2. Dip.Visual Arts Gestalt Therapist.  Gestalt Art Therapist CAT®Co-Director Gestalt Art Therapy Centre - Australia
Visual Artist. Art Instructor. Freelance Book Editor Freelance Curator, Coordinator Art Group Exhibitions.Director of APE Brisbane (Art Performances and Exhibitions)

Gemma studied Gestalt Therapy at the Gestalt Institute of Valencia-Spain. She worked in the Emergency field for the Spanish government for 15 years - conducting research with groups of Firemen about the emotional impact of high stress situations and combining the use of Gestalt Therapy with Art. Gemma is a trained Ericksonian Hypnotist from the University of Valencia (Spain) and she is an Aura Soma Therapist (L2). 

Gemma is also a talented Visual Artist.  She uses art as part of her process of personal growth, exploring new forms of expression and therapy across a broad range of art materials & mediums. She moved to Australia and co-founded the Gestalt Art Therapy Centre with Yaro Starak - The only Gestalt Art Therapy Centre known in Australia.