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Cancellation & Refund  Policy

Art Therapy Sessions & Supervisions:

If the Appointment is cancelled 24 h before the session, you can choose another time (no charge)

If the cancellation is made after 24 h of the session, you will be charged 50% of the fee and you need to arrange a new appointment and payment.

If you cancel your participation 30 days or more than 30 days before the starting of the workshop, the Organizers of the workshop, (Gestalt Art Therapy Centre) will charge 50% of the total fee to cover administration cost. If you cancel your participation less 30 days before the starting of the workshop, there will be no refund. Commissions of Payments by Credit card are not refundable. Not registered for GST.

Art Therapy retreats:

See the information provided in each event please and here at the Terms and Conditions Events participation

International, National Art Therapy Conferences:

See the information provided in the event page please and here at the Terms and Conditions Events participation.

Terms and Conditions Events participation

All information collected during the workshop (by way of copy, video recording or photography) will be only for educational use and for the betterment and improvement of future workshops & courses. All confidential information is strictly confidential. Every participant has the right to ask to edit or delete his or her data if not in agreement with the content. This request must be sent by email to the Centre directors. To be able to receive the workshop certificate you must pay and attend the whole workshop. The directors, Yaro Starak & Gemma Garcia, can make changes in the content of the workshop when and if they deem necessary and appropriate. The Gestalt Art Therapy Directors are not responsible for accidents that may occur to those coming to the Centre premises while attending the workshops. The participation in the workshop means that the participant has agreed to all the above-mentioned requirements. The workshop participant needs to be no less than 18 years old. The objective of the workshop is Therapy training. Please note we are not offering therapy sessions. Anyone that is undergoing psychotherapy treatment is not eligible to attend the workshop. Gestalt Art Therapy Club members: The workshop cost for the Club members has applied the discount. Click on the Link for more information about Ethical Conduct.



Non-Refundable enrollment/bookings

The Directors of The Gestalt Art Therapy centre can decide to cancel any Art therapy session/ Supervision /event/ workshop/ Retreat due to different circumstances, for example if the workshop has less of  five participants, and or due to an illness of one of the leaders or family member, or due to the COVID-19 circumstances related to the leaders of the events and/or participants and/o for Health Department indications and/or for Gestalt Art Therapy Directors to taking care of participants . Unfortunately any economic refund will be done at any time and even if the event will be canceled by the organizers, a few hours before the workshop/Retreat starting time, informing the participants of this cancellation, with the option of reschedule participant workshop attendance during the current year in base of the Gestalt Art Therapy centre calendar/activities, or receive  credit or voucher  for another activity offered in the centre during current year. In relation to the Art Therapy retreats cancellations or postponed event, when payments to the venue and chef has been done by the directors of The gestalt Art Therapy centre, unfortunately any refund or credit/voucher will be available in this kind of events, the only available option will be participating in the event if new dates (if event will be rescheduled). Any option of reclamation and or any economic refund of indemnification will be done.  Participating in our Events/ workshops/ Retreats/ Art Therapy Sessions/ Supervisions/ Online training  means that you accept all of these Participation's conditions.